NFT Collectibles in blockchain technology

– Different Card Collections with a total of 41 monster cards.

10 Monster Planets of Gornor Galaxy.

More Collectibles of the CryptoMonster World (coins, 3d characters, weapons etc).

V1 Collection is now Available

16 Cute monsters

Find all the 16 monsters from Cryptomonsters V1 Collection and make them yours. These 16 monsters are the most common you will find in Gornor Galaxy.  Fire, Water, Rock, Grass and Ghost Types that you will definitelly love! Each monster with each own badge.

Each Monster Card Has A Unique Badge

10 Unique Worlds

Each World is a unique NFT Collectible. Make it yours and you will be the boss of all monsters leaving in this planet.

Will you release new monster cards?

CryptoMonsters will only release 41 monster cards. They will stay forever in the blockchain and you can buy or trade them. That is the reason you should buy one while you still can. Cryptomonster Collectibles will not stop only on the cards. We will release many new collectibles other than cards.

Where will you find Cryptomonsters?

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